Disability Strength Awareness and Education Alliance (RSO)

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  • Category: Political and Social Action
  • Description: With the support of The Office for Community Based Research and UWB Student Life UWB Disability Strength Awareness and Education Student Alliance fosters a safe, welcoming and empowering atmosphere for students of all abilities. By educating students, faculty, and staff about disability culture, we encourage a learning environment that is academically rewarding, meaningful, engaging and fun. The student run organization offers a forum for disability strengths awareness through collaborative meetings, event planning and workshops, scheduling speaker events, social communication and by presenting fun social gatherings. Our student run alliance promotes the strengths associated with disability through communication, awareness, cooperation, and collaboration. Through student empowerment and collaboration, the alliance encourages interaction, awareness and acceptance between students of all abilities and fosters a welcoming transition for individuals with disabilities as they enter our UWB community.
  • Website: http://uwb.orgsync.com/org/disabilitystrengthawarenessandeducationalliance40609/About
  • Keywords:
    • Disability
    • disabilities
    • alliance
    • disability support
    • equality
    • equal opportunity
    • education
    • community
    • awareness

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